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Michael King

Thanks to Gegg, I now know the source of the problem, and some new troubleshooting

The error saw yesterday was stimulated by a specific plugin used on my website – Event Espresso 4 (event registration tool). As long as that plugin is disabled or not installed, all is good. As soon as I activate that one, everything goes down and I get a bunch of error messages. At this point I’m not convinced I don’t still have the original database error with the site that was damaged – the original issue – but I’ve not had time to test that.

I’m not running any events right now so for right now there is not a problem with EE4 inactive, but I soon will have one and then it will be a big problem.

To be completely clear:

  1. I’ve used EE4 for a long time and there are no issues running on a normal web server with the latest WprdPress and php 5
  2. There were no issues in DesktopServer 3.6.x – this cropped up when I upgraded to 3.8 I believe
  3. I believe I have the latest version of everything
  4. I’m not convinced the original problem I had is fixed – stand by on that