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I have spent so much time building a website and then so much time trying to resolve this problem. If I knew upgrading to premium service would help then I would do it but I am getting so little support I just don’t know what to do.

MySQL won’t seem to work. I don’t know enough about this kind of thing to know why.

It was suggested above that non-Microsoft antivirus software may have caused an issue. I have advised I am running AVG (AVG Internet Security) but I don’t know if this is the problem or if it is the problem how to go about fixing it.

I have tried to create a website archive manually so that I can copy my website onto another computer but I can’t do this as I can’t open – which I think is because MySQL server won’t run on my computer????

If I upgrade to the premium service and try to export my website will this also fail to work because MySQL server won’t run????

I am so lost for a way to sort this out.

Can anyone please help me.