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Hi Devin,
I’m sorry to hear this. It is not likely a VVV issue as VVV is an isolated server container (runs in a virtual machine). DesktopServer 3.65 to 3.8 is a major upgrade to MySQL as MySQL is no longer supporting MyISAM and is placing greater precedence on InnoDB. In anycase, DropBox’s rsync synching behavior is not compatible with MySQL’s special Random Access Mode file system usage (this can lead to corruption). However, this particular issue you are experiencing does not necessarily sound related; we’d recommend exporting your existing development sites, perform a clean uninstall/install (you can use the installer’s Uninstall option). Just incase, you should backup your c:\xampplite\mysql and your preferences file at c:\ProgramData\DesktopServer.

Unfortunately a clean uninstall / install is the best way to ensure your master MySQL is in working order (should that be the source of the issue). Alternatively, you could try to perform a manual upgrade on top of your existing installation to “repair” the issue. Here is how:

With a clean install and a fresh MySQL database, you should be able to re-import your development sites.

Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue or if you need further assistance.