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Marc Benzakein

Hi There,

This sounds like an Operating System issue. Can you go to your c:\Users\Mark\AppData\Local\Temp directory and see if there is a DesktopServer directory? If there is, try to delete the directory, as it is a directory that should only be temporarily created during the export process. If you cannot delete the directory, then we need to figure out why Windows is not allowing you to do so (permissions might be set incorrectly).

Also, are you running any third party antivirus programs? Sometimes A/V programs can lock down files and directories that they see as vital. Many viruses attack the AppData directory by putting a malicious file there so it can make sense for the A/V program to lock it down.

Hope this gives you a couple of good places to start and we can go from there once you have gathered more information.

Let us know how it goes!