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For Giving Tuesday, We’re Donating 50% Of ALL Sales!

For Giving Tuesday, We’re Donating 50% of ALL Sales!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we’ve now come to the day that means the most to us all here at ServerPress: Giving Tuesday. There is strength in numbers and Giving Tuesday has become an especially important day to help support people who are less fortunate.

There are so many non-profit organizations out there that are doing amazing things, so choosing just one is difficult. For us, choosing a charity was a bit difficult, but we knew that we wanted to choose one where kids were the primary focus and a majority of the donation went to the purpose and not other costs. At St. Jude, 78 cents per dollar end up going toward cancer research and treatment. No family with children treated at St. Jude ever receives a bill, and they are always on the cutting edge of childhood cancer research.

On Giving Tuesday, today, we are donating 50% of ALL sales to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and we’re excited! We’re not just “donating an (undisclosed) portion.” We’re not simply donating 50% of the profits. We’re donating a full 50% of the full sales!

We know that there is no bigger, caring community than the WordPress Community and we have some of THE BEST customers in the world. So, whether you’re a new or returning customer, 50% of whatever you spend today will go to an excellent cause.

If you’d like more information about St. Jude, you can find out more here. Even if you’re already a customer, or have no need for any of our services, we’d encourage you to donate directly on their site.

“We’re big on kids and have a soft spot for any child who is a victim or is forced to ‘grow up too fast.’ Watching a child and their family go from hopeful to hopeless is one of the hardest things to witness. We believe that all kids deserve the best we can give them. St. Jude gives hope where there was very little before” -The ServerPress Team