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Featuring Local Admin Color Bar

You’re working on your local site. You’re also working on your live site. You want to test something. You make a change and boom. White screen. No problem! You’re working on your local site and all is well. Except you’re not. You look up and see that the dreaded .com where a .dev should have been. You made the change live and you broke your site.

While we cannot prevent you from having this scenario occur, we can certainly help with the Local Admin Color Bar. This plugin changes the Admin Bar to any color of your choosing (default is blue) along with a notation that you’re working on the local site. By making it more noticeable, you are more likely to notice which site you’re working on at a glance. You can configure the color and text to customize it to your preference. We’ve found that once people use this once, they wonder how they ever managed to work without it!

UPDATE: You can now make all the color changes to your Admin Color Bar from within your WordPress Dashboard! Here’s how:

  • Make sure you’ve enabled Admin Color Bar when you start up DesktopServer
  • Go into the dashboard of any of your DesktopServer created sites
  • Go to Settings –> Admin Color Bar







  • Set your Background Color, Admin Bar Text Color, and Admin Bar Message
  • Click “Save Changes”







That’s it! Your Local Admin Bar is now the color you chose. What’s even better is that you can choose the color and text for each of your locally created sites, so you can even differentiate between the sites you are working on locally!

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