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Featuring Bypass Login

Featuring Bypass Login

Last week, we talked about DesktopServer Airplane Mode. This week, I would like to feature another popular plugin among Developers- The DesktopServer Bypass Login plugin.

Have you ever had to log into a local site only to realize that you’ve forgotten, lost, or never had the username and password? Typically, when this happens, the next step might be to go into the database and change the password. While it doesn’t take long, it can be inconvenient. And while some of us live in the database, we try to avoid making changes whenever it’s not absolutely necessary.

With DesktopServer Bypass Login plugin, you no longer have to worry about it. You’ll notice an extra drop-down option when you go to log into your local dashboard. This dropdown will allow you to choose between the first 100 users (Admins at the top), allowing you to log out and log in at will without the need to put in a password. This plugin has quickly become our most popular, and for very good reason! Watch the video and see it for yourself!

If you haven’t had a chance to review this feature in your DesktopServer environment, I strongly suggest trying it out in your Workflow. Developers tell us it’s such an incredible value add that saves them so much time and energy during development, they have a hard time working without this tool.  We’re pretty sure that if you haven’t tried it, once you do, you’ll love it too!

Here are some more documentations:

Introduction to Bypass Login
Using the Bypass Login
Installing the Bypass Login

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We’d love to know how you use this plugin and hear suggestions for other useful design-time plugins that we could create for you. Let us know in the comments, or email us directly! We are always excited to hear what our customers come up with!