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WPSiteSync For Menus

WPSiteSync for Menus

Next to Blog Posts and Pages, Menus is another popular area within the WordPress Dashboard that is often modified.  WPSiteSync for Menus provides the ability to sync Menus created within the WordPress admin dashboard.

By using WPSiteSync for Menus, you can Push Menu settings from Source to Target site.  The process is as easy as Syncing Blog Posts and Pages. When you do this, it also syncs the menu hierarchies, custom CSS classes, menu titles, and all other data associated with your menu.

With the use of WPSiteSync for Pull plugin, you can synchronize selected Menu settings bi-directionally!



So, how will this Extension benefit your Workflow?

User case #1: Client would like a different menu arrangement.

Often times, Clients are not sure what they want until they visibly see the end product.  Rearranging the Menu organization on the staging site offers Clients the opportunity to preview and change their minds without you pulling your hair out!  When decisions are finalized, it’s as simple as pressing the Sync button to Push the Menus settings to the Target site.  No more fearing change requests!

User case #2: You know you should be making changes in the staging environment first.  But sometimes it’s just easier working on the Live site.

Website design is not limited to colors and font style.  Menu placement and page navigation can make or break a design.

Let’s face it.  We all know it is best to work in the staging environment.  Then Push the changes to the live site once we are satisfied with the new Design.  Because we want to save time in the site migration process, we end up working on the live site.  Before you know it, your local, staging and lives sites are all out of sync!

Using WPSiteSync for Menus, you have full control of your Workflow.  Decide when and where you want the Menu synchronized between Source and Target sites.

User case #3: You need to perform A/B testing.

Because WPSiteSync allows multiple Target site Sync, Marketing experts love to run A/B testing with various Menu navigation organization to analyze click- thrus and sales conversion.  Seeing WPSiteSync for Menus in action is simply magical!