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Database Flush

Uses MySQL Admin tool to flush database tables, logs and status to avoid corruption

Usage Scenarios:

The plugin works on both Windows and Mac and will use the built in MySQL Admin tool to flush the database. We’ve noticed on some systems (especially Macintosh where the database process usually is restarted less often) that there can occasionally be some table corruption. Flush the data to the filesystem every so often will resolve this issue.

If you would like to use this with DesktopServer as a Design Time plugin, you can install this in your /xampplite/ds-plugins/ directory and it can then be automatically activated and used with all of your local development web sites. For more information on DesktopServer and local development tools, please visit our web site at:

How it Works:

The Database Flush tool runs on a timer. Every ten minutes it will run a few commands using MySQL Admin to force a flush of the database tables and other critical information to ensure that MySQL does not loose any data and possibly corrupt the table contents.


ServerPress, LLC is not responsible for any loss of data that may occur as a result of using this tool. We strongly recommend performing a site and database backup before testing and using this tool. However, should you experience such an issue, we want to know about it right away.

Installing Database Flush

1. Download the file from the web site.

2. Unzip the contents of the file into your DesktopServer Design Time plugins directory. This is located at /Applications/XAMPP/ds-plugins/ on a Macintosh or C:\xampplite\ds-plugins\ on Windows.

3. Using the DesktopServer application, restart Web Services and select the checkbox for “Database Flush” on the list of Design Time plugins to start.

Using Database Flush

The Database Flush plugin is a “silent” plugin. It does its work in the background.

Last updated on August 6, 2018