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Database Collation Fix

This plugin resolves an issue where the host has an older version of MySQL then what DesktopServer has installed.

Installing the Database Collation Fix

The Database Collation Fix plugin is available in the DesktopServer 3.8.3 or the standalone plugin can be downloaded here

  1. Unzip the file and copy to your DesktopServer folder. The destination location is as follows:
    1. MAC > Applications/XAMPP/ds-plugins
    2. PC > c:\xampplite\ds-plugins
  2. Open DesktopServer. Make sure that you have selected “Yes. Restart DesktopServer with privileges.” and click Next.
  3. Select the first option, “Stop or restart the web and database services.” and click [ Next > ].
  4. On the next screen, select “Restart the web and database services.” AND you want to make sure that the “Database Collation Fix” Developer Plugin is selected. Click [ Next > ].
  5. Success! Click [ Next > ]
  6. Visit the local sites Dashboard > Tools > Colation Fix 
  7. Click the [ Fix Database Collation ] ** you only have to do this on your existing sites, any new sites you create will automatically be corrected.
  8. Redeploy
Last updated on August 6, 2018