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DesktopServer V3.9.1 (with PHP7 & SSL) Is HERE!

DesktopServer v3.9.1 (with PHP7 & SSL) is HERE!

It’s been a lot of work and a ton of burning the candle at both ends but after hundreds of hours of coding, testing, factoring, and refactoring, the Team here at ServerPress is pleased to inform you that DesktopServer v3.9.1 is now released and available for immediate download in your account. For those of you who downloaded and used the Release Candidate v3.9.0, we thank you for all of the valuable feedback we received in the making of v3.9.1. We couldn’t have done it without you.

New in v3.9.1:

  • PHP v7.x
  • Local SSL Capability
  • Refactored, more efficient code for faster performance
  • WordPress v4.9.6
  • Several updates to many of our exclusive Design Time Plugins

There are a few changes between RC v3.9.0 and v3.9.1 which you might be interested in:

  • New Local SSL capability
  • Upgraded ngrok (Internet sharing) integration containing a “settings” page
  • Cleaner code for faster development environments (especially on systems running Windows)
  • WordPress 4.9.6

To get the final release, simply log into your account and you’ll find it there. Just be sure to back up your current installation (as you should with any upgrade on any software). You DO NOT need to uninstall your current version in order to run the upgrade.

Thanks again for choosing DesktopServer, and we look forward to supporting you in all of your development workflow needs.

Warm Regards,

~The ServerPress Team (Dave, Gregg, Marc, and Steve)