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Check Out The New DesktopServer Documentation Center!

Check Out the New DesktopServer Documentation Center!

What To Do, What To Do

We took some time this spring to discuss and explore different solutions for rebuilding the DesktopServer Docs. Initially we thought we would build out a highly polished, fully customized solution that would enable the docs to function more like an application than just a resource center. And we still want to get that done, but the scope of work is extensive and will require a considerable amount of development hours. We’re talking a solid six months of work, at the very least, if we bring in some content professionals to help us with information architecture, content modeling, user interface, user experience, design, and development. 

And actually, we really *do* want to do all that — but we really don’t want you all to wait for better docs!

Introducing the New DesktopServer Documentation

Built with the fine tools from HelpScout, our new docs are easily accessible from the “Support” menu item in our header. Click on the word “Support” to navigate to the Support Documentation for DesktopServer homepage. And yes, you can still reach our Basic and Premium Support Forums through the drop down navigation menu.

support menu

From here you can dive into any of the Collections in Documentation’s header menu. (Please note that the header menu in Documentation is different than the header menu on the ServerPress homepage.) Within each collection are Categories (topics) and within each Category are the related documents. We have taken the time to add keywords (tags) to all the documents so that they are easily searchable from within this support center. We will continue to add more keywords as documents are reviewed, revised, edited, or added to the knowledge base.


To get back to the ServerPress homepage, just click the logo!

More to Come

We will continue adding documentation to this support center as we move forward with fleshing out 4.0, pushing out plugins and other add-on features for 3.8, and as topics arise through HelpScout and the forums. Please feel free to bookmark If you have an idea for a doc, how to, or tips/tricks tutorial that we should add to the knowledge base please don’t hesitate to let us know! The knowledge base is for our users and we want this to be a resource that empowers you to use all the bells and whistles of DesktopServer, with confidence!

Housekeeping Notes

Please note: we have moved all Documentation, How To Articles, Tips and Tricks Posts, Video Tutorials, and any other formal documentation from to our knowledge base. We have implemented 301 redirects for all articles on our website. If you are using Google or an old URL you should not encounter any 404 errors, but if you do, let us know! We’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for and fix that error.)