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DesktopServer 3.8.1 Released

DesktopServer 3.8.1 Released

We have released DesktopServer 3.8.1 which address the following fixes and upgrades:

Release Notes DesktopServer v3.8.1

  • Faster localhost page loads when many sites are listed
  • Fixes redo log errors on large imports; innodb_log size and buffer is 20M and 32M
  • Fixes phpMyAdmin import issues; timeouts and memory max is now 2 mins and 512MB
  • Fixes undeclared email filename iteration errors on WordPress install/sendmail
  • Fixes EventEspresso issues with updated max_input_vars (default is now 5000)
  • Fixes Visual Composer issues with debug nesting level (default is now 500)
  • Fixes MySQL upgrade issues via dump/reload scripts on clean data stores
  • Fixes IPv4 address issues on Windows 10 that prevented proper sharing
  • Fixes issues with wp-admin/install.php’s blog_public default setting
  • Fixes missing Multisite checkbox when creating new websites
  • Includes InnoDB Auto-convert plugin to convert old archives
  • Includes newer Airplane Mode version 0.0.8 plugin
  • Includes newer Mailbox viewer display bug fixes
  • Includes faster Bypass Login plugin
  • Includes WordPress 4.4 (“Clifford”)

Upgrade Directly From

You can find the upgrade for v3.8.1 in your Account. After logging in, head over to Account and then click on the Download tab and you will find the updated version.

screenshot of accounts page

For new installations, please follow the “Install and Upgrade Steps” section on the Installing DesktopServer page.

If you need further assistance with the upgrade process, please refer to our docs. There are specific instructions for those who may need to perform a manual upgrade for Windows or Macs. We will leave the last 2 versions of DesktopServer available to you for downloads, but all support requests will require the latest version and we encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you run into any roadblocks.