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DesktopServer 3.8.2 Is Here!

DesktopServer 3.8.2 is here!

DesktopServer 3.8.2 is here! With “labor” intensive coding and diligent testing, our baby has finally arrived. Yowza!

We are particularly excited about this release, even though it’s labeled as part of Version 3.8. As mentioned in our previous blog post, 3.8.2 is the gateway to the highly anticipated DesktopServer 4.0. It contains v4.0’s foundational engine which will lead to many cool features to come.

Once 3.8.2 is situated, a features release calendar will be posted on our website. We will make an announcement as soon as that’s ready for viewing.

One of the major highlights in 3.8.2 is DS-CLI — The DesktopServer Command Line Interface. We are so thrilled at ServerPress, even our Engineers are doing the robot happy dance in their coding caves!

If you are not familiar with CLI’s, you do not need to panic. DesktopServer users do not have to use this. This fundamental piece simply allows us to bring you lots of goodies in the future. The old UX that you know and love is still there but with a few small changes.

To read on what this release covers, visit our 3.8.2 Features List

If you are interested in the new DS-CLI Command Line Interface, here’s a quick summary from our Founder, Stephen J. Carnam.

Please provide us with lots of feedback on this Release. The sooner we make adjustments based on your feedback, the sooner we can implement these changes in our our efforts toward bringing v4.0 to the masses.  We are jazzed. Hope you are too!