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Customizing Wp-config-sample.php For Your Blueprint

Customizing wp-config-sample.php for your Blueprint

Making changes to your wp-config every time you create a new site can be a chore.

But wait! Did you know that you can save changes in a Blueprint? That way, you only have to make the changes once, and they’ll be the default settings every time you create a new site using that Blueprint!

(First, if you don’t already know how easy it is to create DesktopServer Blueprints, check out our super-simple tutorial!)

Here are some really cool things you can do to increase productivity with wp-config! Unless otherwise specified, add these changes to wp-config-sample.php, which DesktopServer will use as a template to create the wp-config file when you create a new site with your Blueprint.

Disable the plugin and theme editors

Limit the number of post revisions saved in the database for each post

Disable post revisions altogether

Change how often WordPress autosaves posts

Enable Debugging mode

*Be sure to change this to false or remove the line before deploying to a live site.

Define License Keys

Some plugins allow you to define license keys in wp-config.php.

And much more!

Basically, anything you can add to wp-config.php, can be added this way. (Remember, all of the above code changes should go in the wp-config-sample.php in your Blueprint directory.) Once you’ve created your Blueprint, you’ll never have to make the changes again!

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