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Cracking The Code

Cracking the Code

What many do not realize outside of the technology industry is that Developers are the most fearless bunch when it comes to failure. With software development, we fail hundreds of times for that one win!

Magic doesn’t just happen. Behind that “Buy Now” button is hundreds lines of code compiled from an idea, a dream. We’ve made it look so simple, it’s expected that we continue to elevate our game with every version release. The latest iPhone 7 release troubles with, what many feel are a lack of new features, is a perfect example of what is expected versus what is delivered.

When faced with an engineering roadblock, Developers rack their brains formulating elegant solutions no one has thought of before. It is absolutely fascinating watching them work. These solutions can’t be a quick patch either because that would be risking breaking something else in the process.

I like to say “no pressure,” but the reality is they are under more pressure than you can imagine. After all, whether you are in the consulting realm or the product development world, we have a little thing called “Deadlines”.

Every day, I push hard as a Product Manager. Our Developers are troopers! Not only do they not complain one bit, they deliver. They don’t just give me crappy code either, they give me their All.

So today, I want to take a moment and salute our Developers! A special shout out to our Lead Architects, Dave Jesch and Stephen Carnam. As of last week, we’ve cracked the code on many DesktopServer roadblocks. The new features will seriously BLOW- YOUR- MIND!

For now, I am going to leave you with this…Imagine the ability to transport your local development environment using a USB drive, between Mac and WIN machines…

That’s just a taste of new features coming in DesktopServer. Beat that, iPhone 7. LOL!