Stripe Accepted For Checkout

We’ve Added Stripe For Your Checkout Convenience!

You Love DesktopServer

If you’ve used DesktopServer, then you know it is the bee’s knees of local development: no more cowboy coding for our users! We’re super happy  hearing, time and again, how great DesktopServer has been for your workflow. We love knowing that our software “just works.” For the designer and developer, creating a local dev environment is (almost) as easy as clicking a button.

You Love Stripe

Not to belabor a point, but if you’ve used Stripe to pay for online purchases you know how awesome of an experience it is. If you haven’t ever used Stripe before then you are in for a treat! Completing a payment is (almost) as easy as clicking a button.

Now – You Can Upgrade to DesktopServer Premium Using Stripe!

Because we love to just make things simple for our customers, you can now pay for your DesktopServer Premium Membership or renewal via Stripe. Stripe allows us to accept all major credit cards for payment processing as an alternative to PayPal. Many people love PayPal but lots of others love Stripe and we are very happy to announce that you can now pay for your Premium Membership or Renewal with just the click of a button (metaphorically speaking, that is.)

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