Featuring Debug and Trace

The Trace utility is a PHP developer side tool. It acts as an output console for developers and can greatly aid in development and debugging of your plugins and themes. To use the Trace utility, you can follow these steps:…

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New DesktopServer V.3.8.3 Release!

New DesktopServer v.3.8.3 Release!

We are excited to announce the release of DesktopServer version 3.8.3. This version has a few new features and some small bug fixes designed to give you a more stable working environment and improve your workflow. Some of the notable…

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Featuring Local Admin Color Bar

You're working on your local site. You're also working on your live site. You want to test something. You make a change and boom. White screen. No problem! You're working on your local site and all is well. Except you're…

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