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Backup And Restore DesktopServer

Backup and Restore DesktopServer

Backing up your live website regularly is vital. Backing up your local sites is too. DekstopServer can be a go to backup if your site were to get hacked or become dysfunctional and you needed to restore it quickly. Because you have a copy of the site locally you can deploy it quickly.

There are two ways to backup your sites in DesktopServer:

  1. Single sites can be backed up separately by just using DesktopServer’s export feature. You do not need to fill anything out, simply select your website and click “next” repeatedly until a .zip file is produced. The resulting file has the advantage of being truly portable and cross platform. The resulting zip file can be used to restore your site or to move it to an entirely different system.
  2. You can also  backup the entire DesktopServer program and all created sites. However, this type of backup is intended for restoring only to the same computer, or at the very least the same operating system.