Assisted deployment is a complimentary service offered to DesktopServer Premium members only. To schedule a deployment, please ensure that you have met the prerequisites below:

  • You have a hosting provider that supports self-hosted WordPress websites.
  • You have an existing WordPress installation on your target hosting server.
  • You understand that your existing live target website will be overwritten.
    (Notice: Data will be destroyed. Content on your live website will be replaced
    with your submission.)
  • You are using DesktopServer version 3.5.0 or greater.
  • You have created a website archive using DesktopServer’s Export option.
    For details, please visit Exporting for Deployment.
  • You have the WordPress administrator or FTP account credentials for your
    live target host (please provide using the form below).
  • Your WordPress website zip archive is not a WordPress Multisite configuration.
  • You understand that deployment is on a first come, first serve basis. Deployments
    vary based on your hosting server speed, website size, and availability.
    (Note: Most deployments complete within 24 to 48 hours of submission).

All submitted information is deleted from our system within 24 hours after deployment to protect your privacy. You are not obligated to submit archives for deployment. Assisted deployment is offered as a complimentary service to Premium members only. Please note that all requests are queued and processed in the order received. A small amount of anonymous hosting configuration detail information (Hosting provider name, CPU type and OS version, phpinfo, etc.) is retained for quality assurance purposes and to help us write better software.

You will receive an email notification to the registered email address associated with after your site has deployed. Please do not make changes to your server until you receive the “Site Deployed” confirmation email. If you need to cancel a deployment, or call us (please have your registered email address or username handy). The form will only appear for logged in Premium members.