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April 2014 DesktopServer Tips & Tricks

April 2014 DesktopServer Tips & Tricks

This month, for our tips and tricks section, I thought I would just link to our latest videos created on our YouTube Channel since we have made a few since our last mailing. We highly recommend you subscribe to our channel as we are constantly adding new content and with v4.0 on the horizon, we’ll be updating often!

How to Create Blueprints Using DesktopServer Premium
How to Use DesktopServer and its Quick Deploy Feature
How to Resolve DesktopServer Installation Conflict with Port 80 on Windows Systems
How to Import WP Engine Site to Local Site Using DesktopServer
Head to Head Comparison of WAMP vs DesktopServer in a Speed Test

Have a tip or trick to share with DesktopServer? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you! We might even share it in the next newsletter!

As the Founder of ServerPress, LLC and the Coding Genius behind DesktopServer, Stephen J. Carnam continues to invent new ways to improve developer Workflow through technology. As a huge Advocate of Open Source Software, he promotes Creativity, Community and Collaboration.

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