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Announcing The Release Of DesktopServer 3.8.2!

Announcing the Release of DesktopServer 3.8.2!

Truly, calling this particular Release 3.8.2 does not do it justice. We are entering the next phase of DesktopServer 4.0. How cool is that? The evolution continues.

Last year, we introduced the concept of “design-time” plugins; useful plugins that could be used for all of your local development sites like, “ByPass Login”, “Airplane Mode”, “Local Admin Colorbar”, and “Mailbox Viewer”, to name a few. Each and every one of these plugins, along with the plugin engine was developed with v4.0 in mind. We’ve since been hard at work adding additional plugins which will be a lot of what’s under the hood in v4.0. But why wait until v4.0 is complete?

Why is v3.8.2 such a big part of v4.0?

We’re thrilled to announce two new upgrades in version 3.8.2 which will be fundamental in the functionality and ease of use with version v4.0

Along with lots of back end changes, DesktopServer is adding the following v4.0 functionality:

Full CLI functionality: Unlike previous versions of DesktopServer, v4.0 is going to be completely driven by CLI (Command Line Interface). Many of you may have heard or seen the power of CLI but have been a bit intimidated by it. We understand. v3.8.2 includes a fully functioning CLI capability, no installation necessary. All you have to do is select DS-CLI in the opening screen to enable it for all of your local sites (past, present and future). It will support ALL WP-CLI commands (plus a few more developed specifically for DesktopServer v4.0). And the good news is that there is tons of documentation already on the web so you can learn it at your own pace!

A brand new shiny deployment engine: When we originally released the Direct Deploy functionality within DesktopServer, we had no idea how popular it would be. It is one of our most popular features. However, with the variety of Web Hosts in existence, along with its ever growing number, changing security requirements, and other outside forces, over time, our Direct Deploy method became less of a “One Size Fits All” method. As a result, we found ourselves doing many more “Assisted Deployments” for you, since it’s one of the huge benefits of being a Premium Member. While this did increase our workload, the benefit it provided was immeasurable. It gave us the opportunity to work with a variety of hosts and configurations with the end result being a far more robust Direct Deploy engine. This new CLI driven capability will make deployments from local to live easier than ever. And while it IS all run by CLI, you won’t have to know any commands to make it work. Our awesome software engineers have done all the work for you. You just need to know your hosting information and the domain name and DesktopServer will handle the rest.

When is this Release expected?

We are looking to Release DesktopServer 3.8.2 in the first week of June. Yes. Right around the corner. Start jumping up and down.

With the CLI engine written and tested for all platforms, you will see the evolution toward v4.0 accelerate. Once DesktopServer 3.8.2 is released, we will be working on adopting PHP7/ MariaDB immediately, so, watch out for that announcement. Our Geek Department is working as hard as they can in their coding cave and they are only allowed out for coffee and meals.

We are very excited and cannot wait to show you the improvements we have in store, and we know you’ll be excited to see them!