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Announcing DesktopServer v3.9 RC-1 With PHP7

We’re excited to announce DesktopServer v3.9 Release Candidate 1! With DesktopServer v3.9 having been through rigorous beta testing, we’re ready for our first (and possibly final) release candidate.

This version has two significant changes from v3.85:

  • PHP v7.x: Recommended by the folks at WordPress and required for many plugins and themes (such as WooCommerce). PHP v7 contains many optimizations for a faster, more efficient experience for users.
  • MariaDB for a more optimized database
  • Yet more speed, especially for Windows users

Please keep in mind that this is a release candidate, and while that means that it’s out of beta phase, it doesn’t mean that it’s been tried in every single real-world scenario. This means that should you run into a bug, we want to hear about it. So please, if you run into anything that seems out of the ordinary, or just plain does not work, let us know by submitting a bug report. Bug reports are treated differently than typical support requests in that we investigate them and address them as issues in future releases. In the event that you need support, please log into your account and submit a trackable service request.

If you are upgrading from a previous installation of DesktopServer, PLEASE make a backup of your current installation. This is a great practice ANY time you update ANY software, whether it’s beta, RC, or a final release. For instructions on how to back up your current installation, please visit this link.

Your input is extremely valuable to us and it helps us to provide our customers with better tools to do their work. So, if you run into a bug, trust us when we say you’re not “bugging” us at all by reporting it. The team eats bugs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (which is kind of gross when you think about it)!

Once again, thank you for choosing to be a ServerPress customer and we look forward to your feedback!