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Announcing DesktopServer v3.9.3

Announcing DesktopServer 3.9.3. More Powerful than Ever!

Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of DesktopServer v3.9.3 available right now in the Accounts Section of our site. We highly recommend that you download this release right away as it has several enhancements, new features, and bug fixes included.

Two of the biggest enhancements come with the inclusion of PHP 7.3.1 and a more reliable upgrade path which takes care of the issue of corrupt databases that was occurring with certain installations.  As has been with each release in the 3.9.x cycle, we are including more and more code which will be utilized in v4.0, making DesktopServer more responsive than ever before.

Improvements with DesktopServer v3.9.3 include the following:

  • Enhancement: PHP v7.3.1
  • Enhancement: WordPress 5.2 included
  • Enhancement: DS-CLI (with fully functional WP-CLI) is now included with the Limited Version of DesktopServer
  • Enhancement: Updated DS-CLI with full WP-CLI capabilities (if you’re not sure what CLI is, or have been a bit intimidated by it, you can learn about it in this article)
  • Enhancement: Updated Ngrok Site Sharing (Premium)
  • Enhancement: Updated Local SSL
  • Enhancement: Localhost Page now shows a number of created sites counter (thank you Adam Silver for the suggestion. Twitter: @heyadamsilver)
  • Enhancement: DS-CLI is now included as a button on the Localhost Page
  • Enhancement: Ngrok site sharing is now included as a button on the Localhost Page (Premium)
  • Enhancement: Mac Compatible Dark Mode
  • Bug-Fix/Enhancement: Upgrade process now includes automated ability to repair “Probably Corrupted Tables” issues
  • Fix: Out of Memory error which affected some Windows users has been resolved

AS ALWAYS: We strongly encourage you to backup all of your local websites if you are performing an upgrade. The quickest and easiest method to do this is to use the database backup utility prior to running the upgrade. The files for your WordPress installations will remain intact. Once you have run the upgrade, in the event that there are any issues, simply run the database archive utility in a new local WordPress installation to restore all of your data from your previous installation.