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Announcing DesktopServer V3.9.2

Announcing DesktopServer v3.9.2

We’ve been on a roll here at ServerPress and we’re super excited to announce the release of DesktopServer v3.9.2. As you can see in our release notes, the flexibility of our Design-Time Plugins allows us to make significant enhancements and add features to DesktopServer. In this release, you’ll find the following bug fixes and new features:

  • Bug Fix: Changed “Update Plugins” to read “Updating Plugins” when performing upgrade
  • Bug Fix: Apache crashes when you try to activate Dynamic Website Builder
  • Bug Fix: Fix for Admin white screen on installing Cobalt Apps Freelancer DevKit
  • Enhancement: Increased MySQL Max_Dump_Packet Size
  • Enhancement: WordPress 4.9.8 Blueprint included
  • Enhancement: Increased innodb_log_file_size
  • Enhancement: Updated “Clean Import” Plugin for better importing along with compatibility with Duplicator Pro’s new archive format
  • Enhancement: Added “Database Archive Utility” Plugin in Premium
  • Enhancement: Introduced “Must-Use” DesktopServer Design-Time Plugins
  • Enhancement: Archive, Import and Export Support for Views/Procedures/Triggers in Databases
  • Enhancement: Increased phpMyAdmin execution time
  • Enhancement: Created prehook which occurs after unzipping an archive upon import
  • Enhancement: Introduced the ability to remove multiple locally developed websites in one operation

How do I get it?

It’s easy! Go to, log into your Accounts section and you’ll find it there. When you run the installer, previous users will have the option to “upgrade” their existing DesktopServer. As with any software, it is good practice to make a backup of your installation.

As always, many thanks for being a ServerPress, LLC Customer and special thanks to those of you who tested out the Release Candidate and reported Issues. Your help ensures a stable final release.

Best Wishes from all of us at ServerPress

The ServerPress Team
(Dave, Gregg, Marc, and Steve)