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Announcing DesktopServer V3.8.5

Announcing DesktopServer v3.8.5

Recently, we released v3.8.4. This was our first major update to our core product in a while. As mentioned in that announcment, much of the code was changed in order to make way for quicker releases of future product. Of course, as is the case with any major codebase change, you’re bound to run into a few “undocumented features.”

To that end, we’re happy to announce v3.8.5. This minor update fixes a bug which affected some Mac users as well as one that affected both platforms. We highly recommend that if you are on v3.8.3 (or earlier), and especially v3.8.4, you upgrade to the latest stable version of DesktopServer which can be found in your Account section (be sure you are logged in).

We are continuing to make progress on v3.9 which will include support for php v7.x, so look for an announcement on that soon!

DesktopServer v3.8.5 Changelog

  • Fixed issue with certain archives exporting incorrectly causing the database to be split out of order causing a CleansDB error (Mac only)
  • Fixed issue with some tables being dropped upon import of certain archives (Mac & Windows)
  • Added “Upgrade to Premium” Button on Limited Version localhost page