Announcing DesktopServer V3.8.4

Announcing DesktopServer v3.8.4

ServerPress, LLC is thrilled to announce the release of DesktopServer v3.8.4. This interim release addresses some industry changes that have affected local development workflow. We are currently beta testing v3.9 which will also include full SSL support and PHP v7.x.

What makes this release particularly exciting is that much of the code has been replaced with code to make it more versatile for future releases. With the newer architecture, it will be much easier to release updates and design-time plugins making DesktopServer more robust than ever.

Version 3.8.4 includes the following enhancements:

  • Utilization of the Top Level Domain (or TLD). Due to the latest changes with the .dev Top Level Domain and the fact that many browsers now force SSL on anything with the .dev extension, DesktopServer will now use as its TLD extension. This is a legitimate top level domain owned by ServerPress, LLC and will ONLY be used for local development purposes. This TLD will work no matter which local development solution is being used. It’s our gift to the Community.
    • If you are currently using another extension (such as .test), these will be left as-is and will continue to work as expected.
  • Windows speed optimizations. You’ll now find that creating and accessing local websites on the Windows operating system has been vastly improved.
  • Higher Resolution. Those with Retina (Mac) or Hi-DPI (Windows) will now enjoy an improved user interface in v3.8.4.
  • Inclusion of Windows Compatibility Plugin: This plugin will fix long filename problems on Windows systems when doing updates from third-party plugin repositories, such as updating from EDD based sites.
  • Updated Admin Color Bar, renamed from Local Admin Color Bar and now has a settings page to make it easy to change the color and text
  • Includes WordPress 4.9.1 Blueprint

Subscribers of DesktopServer Premium Services will also enjoy:

  • Updated DS-CLI. If you prefer a Command Line Interface (CLI), we have updated our DS-CLI plugin. This includes all WP-CLI functionality plus some other custom code which will be driving future versions of DesktopServer. Enabling this plugin at startup of DesktopServer will give full CLI ability to each and every locally developed site.
  • Automatic conversion of .dev to extension when upgrade option is selected from installation program.
  • Full NGrok integration: Share your locally developed sites with others through a secure tunnel to your localhost.
  • Updated “Clean Import” Plugin: You can now select which items you would like scrubbed upon import through the localhost toolbar.
  • Updated Mailbox Viewer: When activated, you can access all WordPress generated emails via the localhost toolbar. Now includes a Domain column, so you know which local site is generating the emails.

Marc’s driven spirit moves ServerPress, LLC forward with elevated momentum. With his business expertise, he rolls up his sleeves helping the Team in every possible way to ensure a smooth Workflow. Besides work, Marc is a big Advocate for Foster Care. Yes. 8 kids and counting…

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  1. Awesome! Looks promising.

    Is the update going to be automatically available? I see is ready to download from my account but I’ve opened te previous version of DesktopServer on my mac to update it and it doesn’t show anything of a new version.


    1. Hi Gonzalo,

      I don’t believe at this point DS does automatic updates (it would be cool feature have, hint hint DS team 🙂 )

      I just downloaded 3.8.4 and upgraded my 3.8.3 by doing the install from the downloaded package and all sites converted over from .dev TLD to with no issues


  2. To add a bit of clarity to one small portion of your article, “” is not a top-level domain name (TLD).

    .cc is the TLD. It’s the country code TLD (ccTLD) for the Cocos Islands, an Australian territory with less than 600 in population.

    The ccTLD is administered by Verisign, the same company that administers .com and .net.

    “dev” is a second-level domain name under the TLD .cc.

    So customers that use this will be using a third-level domain name at *

    I only mention it because users should understand that sometimes using country code TLDs can result in unintended consequences. Remember when the country of Libya shut down the use of the URL shortener domain name? That won’t happen here since the country code TLD is being administered by Verisign, a company with a known track record of performance. But it’s good to keep in mind for other ccTLDs.

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