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Our Philosophy

We believe in empowering our customers by developing and supporting great web development tools and services. Our tools reflect our philosophy of balancing form and function and applying “kaizen” (meaning “continuous gradual improvement”) to each evolution in our project cycles. This results in mature and refined processes that help our customers not only save time and money, but also to create unique, attractive, powerful, and timely solutions. We create tools that specifically cater to both creative designers and professional developers. We know that our philosophy can help bring together beautiful design and powerful engineering to help our customers reach new heights in their professional goals. Our favorite interactions are when customers tell us how much time they have saved and how easy their magnificent projects have come to life. It means we hit our goal.

Stephen J Carnam

Stephen J Carnam

Lead / Vision

Steve created ServerPress, LLC as a place to share professional solutions using web technologies like WordPress for creative design and powerful web development. Steve is obsessed with open source technologies and is big on defending user rights in the digital world. As a self coined software "extensioneer", Steve believes in creating solutions that extend existing technologies as well as extending user abilities to reach new goals and possibilities. Steve lives in San Diego, CA and spends his waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours obsessed with coding and design to help make our projects and services awesome. With a background in front end…

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Marc Benzakein

Operations Manager

Marc Benzakein started programing at the age of ten when he was given access to the main frame at the university in which is father worked. In the mid 90s he caught the internet bug and helped to start up and build a small, independent ISP in Southern California working as a network administrator designing and building the network from the ground up. It quickly became one of the fastest growing regional ISPs in California. He has been involved in almost every aspect of technology throughout. In 2009, he discovered WordPress Development; first for his own purposes and then for…

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Gregg Franklin

Gregg Franklin

Marketing Manager

Gregg has been involved with the internet in various aspects since the mid-90s where he was a founder and vital player in the development and growth of an independent ISP in Southern California. During his tenure, he oversaw the design and development of the company website and its incorporation of their online billing system, integrating automation and efficiency for an easy, time-saving customer experience. Since then, he has been involved in web development and has been using WordPress exclusively for many of those years. He has developed major sites for some of Southern California’s best marketing companies. Since he started…

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Desktop Server should be installed on every web developer’s system!  It has saved me countless hours in creating sites, testing and deploying client and personal work. Even better is the team behind the curtain.  They take care of their customers and treat everyone from beginner to advanced equally. Best. Investment. Ever.

Adam Silver

Been using DesktopServer for my latest WordPress build and can’t imagine life without it now… especially with slow Coffee shop wifi…

Tyler Dow

Wow, when you have a proper development environment, things work so much easier. DesktopServer has been a lifesaver today.

Jodie Miners

Just got my first DesktopServer local WP site up and running. SO FAST. Move to a different folder – no prob. SO EASY. Highly recommended!

Jamie Schmid

If you don’t use it you’re losing time. DesktopServer is possibly the best kept secret for WordPress Developers.

Alex Vasquez

DesktopServer rocks! It saves me tons of time – I can set up a dev site to work on in just a couple of minutes and then easily move it to the server to share with my client or with the world.

Natalie Maclees