It is with extremely heavy hearts that we are announcing that ServerPress, LLC is closing down. We have already disabled the ability to purchase Premium Memberships on our site and we are in the process of canceling any subscriptions that may be renewed.

In 2010, Steve Carnam started ServerPress with the vision of creating simple-to-use workflow services for WordPress Designers and Developers. These services allowed for easy onboarding, yet remained robust enough to allow for infinite growth with the user.

Over the years, we have achieved great success within the WordPress Community by establishing amazing relationships, improving the quality of the lives of many, and supporting the best customer base we could have hoped for.

We’re a small company that has remained independent of large hosting providers and their influential budgets; this choice had initial market share benefits but longer-term financial constraints.

Through it all, we never changed our philosophy: remain independent and give our customers 100% of our effort. This philosophy has guided us for 12 years and we have never lost sight of that.

Over the years we have been working on updating our main product offering; DesktopServer. At the same time, we have been creating an entirely new, more versatile version; DesktopServer v5.0. DesktopServer was always the tool that enabled us to contribute to the WordPress Community through sponsorships at WordCamps, engaging at WordPress meetups, and developing close personal relationships with so many amazing people. DesktopServer is a tool in which we’ve always taken great pride.

Earlier this year, one of the team members questioned whether or not DesktopServer v5.0 would have a viable market share. We had been so focused on building it out that throughout the development, we lost sight of constantly checking the temperature in the room.  Once we started discussing this we came to the conclusion that DS5’s potential market share has changed significantly over the last 10 years. The WordPress development tool landscape has grown and diversified greatly. This has diluted DesktopServer’s overall market share. The time, effort, and costs to bring in new users to DesktopServer’s workflow would be too much overhead for ServerPress to be sustainable. While many larger, well-funded companies would be able to absorb such costs involved, a company of our position cannot.

It was a hard reality to face, but there are points in our lives when we have to face the reality that the time for battles by tilting windmills has passed.

What to do with your existing subscription?

As you all know, our focus has always been about giving our customers top priority and that has not changed. If you are a Premium Subscriber, we will continue to support you until your subscription is up. For some, that will mean support on issues with DesktopServer v3.9.x. For others, it may mean assistance with migrating to another local development tool. We will continue to help those of you with Premium Memberships with site deployments until your subscription expires.

We ask that you please bear with us as we go through these processes and also that you keep an eye out for any future announcements as it is always possible that there may be other developments we’d like you to be aware of.

For all of you who have been loyal to us over the years; those who have been rooting for the “small guy,” we cannot tell you how much it has meant to us. It was these very sentiments that kept us motivated to work harder every day for you. It will never be forgotten.

Thanks again for everything and we hope to see many of you at various WordPress events in the future.

With nothing but love,

The ServerPress Team
Gregg, Marc, and Steve