The Search bbPress is no longer being supported. Instead we highly recommend the new SearchWP. It provides an extension for bbPress and so much more.  Checkout SearchWP

What good is a forum without search? Our plugin addresses this need with bbPress 2.0. You may already know that WordPress is an expert on taxonomy and already handles posts, tags, and parent-to-child page hierarchy beautifully. bbPress takes forums to a whole new level by taking advantage of WordPress’ taxonomy expertise and powerful administration back end. But search results are missing on the front end where it matters: to your website visitors. That is where our plugin picks up the pieces.

Our Search bbPress 2.0 takes care of missing search features, and fixes a few bugs along the way. Naturally, we’ve submitted fixes to core code to bbPress’ trac and hopefully those fixes will appear in the next version. But if you want those fixes now, plus enhanced search capabilities, Search bbPress 2.0 is for you! You will find the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Extends WordPress’ native search to include forums, topics, and replies.
  • Corrects permalinks in search results to link to forum/topic/replies directly. Promotes user forum participation.
  • Fixes typo in bbPress Login widget for all languages, removing the proceeding quote in the submit button.

Installation is quick and easy. Just activate the plugin and forums, topics, and replies, will show up in your search results. UI fixes for the unified log in widget allows your users to sign into WordPress and bbPress simultaneously with corrected syntax. Search bbPress 2.0 is available for download right away or on the official plugin repository. We’ve also got an updated, responsive, Twenty Eleven theme that works with beautifully with it.