• Freedom to Work Anywhere at Full Speed Develop faster and freely with instant domain, sub-domain, and virtual hosting support and no DNS broadcasting delays. No Internet required or network bottlenecks to worry about.
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  • New support for Dreamweaver CS6 & CC (also supports CS3 to CS6 and CC). Design easier with direct rendering of theme template pages and start development faster with automated site definitions.
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  • Now you can import and export your entire WordPress website creations. Share, archive, and copy configured sites. Perfect for collaborating with co-workers or jump starting your valuable projects.
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  • The Easiest & Fastest Way to Deploy Your Projects Quick Deploy allows you to take your WordPress creations from the desktop to a live host in a fast and efficient manner.
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Simply, DesktopServer. Choose fictional domain names to personalize each of your projects and create dozens of virtual servers in seconds. WordPress designers and developers seldom work on a single project. Now you can create multiple isolated sites for webdesign or just for quickly and safely testing those plugins you’ve been meaning to try out. Now with new support for Dreamweaver, Coda2, and AirPreview with Diet Coda!

Create a dozen “virtual servers” for developing themes, or even take WordPress Multisite or BuddyPress for a spin. Each virtual server resides on your computer and can be easily accessed from your desktop web browser via a fictitious, pseudo top-level domain name: .dev (in example, http://www.example.dev). Using domain names you choose allows DesktopServer to support friendly permalinks and for you to develop complete solutions that support sub-domain and domain mapping (a requirement for enterprise Multisite development available in DesktopServer Premium edition only). Creating local development test sites right on your desktop that work just like real world servers is simple. See the Getting Started video.

Please note that there are some products and services with which we can no longer offer Premium Support for. For a list of products we no longer support, please visit our Unsupported Goods and Services Page

Comparison Matrix

DesktopServer is the best solution for WordPress localhost development.

Feature DesktopServer Premium DesktopServer Limited Bitnami WordPress InstantWP MAMP Pro MAMP XAMPP WAMP
Includes Apache Server
Includes MySQL Server
Includes phpMyAdmin
Includes PHP 5.4
Includes Xdebug
Cross-platform (Macintosh & Windows)
Includes WordPress
Supports Domain Name Mapping
Virtual Hosts Automated Creation
WordPress Automated Installation
Copying of WordPress Websites
Support for WordPress Multisite
Import BackupBuddy, Duplicator, BackWP Up, BackUp WordPress, InfiniteWP & ManageWP
Export & Archive WordPress Websites
Direct Deploy WordPress to Live Server
Blueprints for Automated WordPress Configurations
Enhanced Adobe Dreamweaver Live View
Automatic Dreamweaver Site Definition
Enhanced Coda2 Preview (direct theme files)
Support for Coda2 AirPreview with Diet Coda
LAN Sharing for Mobile Device Testing
Trace Utility for PHP Debugging
Get DesktopServer Premium with all the features listed above and more. Buy Now!
DesktopServer Premium Edition for Professionals

Unlike DesktopServer Limited, our DesktopServer Premium edition provides unlimited virtual hosts, support for sub-domains, domain mapping setups, import and export, and advanced quick deployment features. Run multiple isolated servers for all your projects.

Feature Rich Open Source

DesktopServer is fast, native code (for Mac & Windows) that is based on XAMPP, from the apachefriends.org group. So you know it contains the same official code base used with the most popular web hosting companies today. If you can run it on DesktopServer, you can run it live on any modern web host. DesktopServer features mainstream PHP 5.4, MySQL 5, and the most popular/progressive library extensions. We’ve taken DesktopServer beyond regular XAMPP by optimizing it specifically for WordPress developers and designers. With an easy to use wizard like interface, you can create a WordPress website in seconds. We’ve also thrown in Xdebug for more serious developers. Simplified, yet powerful, DesktopServer is loaded with enhancements aimed at WordPress Professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions
I’m currently using XAMPP/MAMP/WAMP/Bitnami/InstantWP/AMPPS/Web Matrix, can I use DesktopServer?
You cannot run DesktopServer and another webserver or MySQL database engine at the same time. You should uninstall or disable your existing webserver AND MySQL engine before running DesktopServer. Pay careful attention as some services like to restart themselves or run when you reboot your computer. Programs like Microsoft Web Matrix fail to uninstall completely and might prevent DesktopServer from starting correctly. Be sure to check the troubleshooting section at the bottom of our install guide and feel free to ask us for assistance. With a proper installation of DesktopServer, you can save countless hours!
What if I decide I’m not going to use DesktopServer? What is your refund policy?
We do offer refunds within 30 days of your purchase for the complete purchase price. However, please note that it does cost us to process sales and refunds. We highly encourage you to try DesktopServer Limited first but do understand that the limited version does not have all the features of DesktopServer Premium. We do not want you to pay for DesktopServer if it is of no use to you. We will issue you a refund within 24 hours if requested within 30 days of your purchase date. Please note that we value your feedback to help make our product better but cannot process refunds 30 days after your purchase date.
On Windows the install folder says xampplite vs just xampp, isn’t xampp better?
No. To better simulate what modern hosting providers use with Linux, we customized DesktopServer’s implementation of XAMPP starting with a lean and optimized configuration. We then removed and added functionality to make up for XAMPP’s short comings. The ‘lite’ is a misnomer on Windows and actually contains a full featured web and database server above and beyond regular XAMPP.
Will DesktopServer Premium still work after my one year license expires?
Yes! DesktopServer Premium will continue to function. There is no ‘timer’ in the software and you can still use it. However, you will not be able to download the software from our site or obtain updates or support after your license expires.
What are the prerequisites for DesktopServer? Do I need to know PHP?
DesktopServer is designed for Web Designers & Web Developers only. Although PHP is not necessary, CSS and HTML are essential. If you are a web designer or developer, you should review documentation at WordPress.org, particularly Stepping Into Templates. You should have basic knowledge of WordPress “self-hosted” before using DesktopServer.
Can I put DesktopServer on a portable drive and take my sites with me?
DesktopServer features an Import and Export feature so that you can trade and copy entire WordPress sites including themes, plugins, and their configurations with other DesktopServer users. You cannot run DesktopServer itself or the website folders directly from a portable drive as the files are platform (Windows/Macintosh) specific and needs to bind to the host computer to simulate fictitious top-level domain names. Use the Import and Export feature to move your sites to other computers.
Can I install DesktopServer Premium on more then one computer?
Yes! DesktopServer Premium’s license is very liberal. Your purchase is support and user based. You may install DesktopServer Premium on 10 computers if you want but support is limited to only one user on one computer that must belong to the user and single license holder.
Why the .dev top level domain? Can’t I use a .com tld?
You can specify any top level domain you want (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc.) when exporting to a live server using DesktopServer Premium edition. We enforce the fake .dev domain for development to insure security, avoid confusion, and prevent conflicts with real servers. Network and system administrators frown upon overriding real DNS servers because of the security implications with DNS spoofing, not to mention support attempts determining which content is the real top level domain makes the .dev pseudo domain the best solution. DesktopServer Premium manages the replacement of .dev when importing and exporting sites.
Can I use DesktopServer for non-WordPress sites?
Yes! Although the Import and Export features are specifically designed for WordPress sites. If you would like to use DesktopServer for other projects you can automate that as well. Please see this forum post for more information.
Where is the DesktopServer User Guide?
You can find documentation in our support section at http://serverpress.com/support/. Please make a note of the tutorial section at: http://serverpress.com/category/news/how-to/.

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