Have you ever forgotten your password? It can happen to the best of us. DesktopServer makes it really easy to create multiple sites fast and losing one of your passwords isn’t uncommon. Perhaps you got side tracked working on another project or the client delayed getting back to you. You revisit your existing site and attempt a login only to realize you’ve totally forgotten the login details! Thankfully, DesktopServer includes the phpMyAdmin utility for administering your WordPress website’s MySQL database and it allows you to update your password painlessly. Here is how to do it:

First, open your web browser and visit All of your website databases will appear on the left hand side. When DesktopServer creates or imports a new WordPress website, it chooses a name based on the first few characters of your website’s domain name, followed by ‘db’ and a few random characters. For instance, the website www.example.dev might have a database name of ‘exampleDBxyz123′. You can be absolutely sure by checking your website’s wp-config.php file for the line that defines the DB_NAME value. When you find your database, click the link on the left hand side.

Now that your database has been selected, a list of tables should appear as links on the left hand side. Locate the wp_users table and click the link. Next, the contents of the wp_users table should appear displaying users. Find the line listing the user you want to change the password for. You can use the user_login or user_email columns to help you locate the user. In our example, we have only one user, ‘admin’. Click the left most edit link to modify this user’s password.

A detail page will appear when you click the Edit link for a given user. In the first column, look for the row titled ‘user_pass’ and set the drop down combo box value to MD5 for the function column. The value column will contain your current password in an encrypted form. You can replace the contents of the value text field with your new password. Simply type it in plain text. Lastly, click the ‘Go’ button. The MD5 setting in the drop down combo box will automatically scramble and secure the password for you.

You can now visit your WordPress website’s login page and enter your username and new password to login.

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About Stephen Carnam
I’m a San Diego, California based computer programmer and graphic designer that has been consulting, developing, and maintaining web & software applications for well over ten years. My languages and interests include PHP, Java, JavaScript, 3D rendering/sculpting, and snow boarding.


  1. lsophie09 says:

    Very strange, When I go to, I do not see the database created by desktop server. I see empty databases, which is strange since the Web site works fine…

    1. Stephen Carroll says:

      Try refreshing and/or verifying your MySQL location. If the databases are not showing up, you might be writing MySQL data to a different installation (which would be bad). You can verify where MySQL services are coming from, here is how:


      For additional support, please be sure to post in our forum at http://serverpress.com/forums

  2. lholiner says:

    I tried doing this but cannot log in in Windows. It keeps telling me that my username or password is wrong, yet I can see that I am entering exactly what was entered in the database.

    1. lholiner says:

      OK, think I found the problem here. I kept looking in the wp-config.php file for the username, not the one listed in the phpMyAdmin. Thank you again for such complete and clear instructions with explicit screen shots.

  3. jschodde says:

    Brilliant! This worked for me. I’m on a MacBook Pro running Maverick.

  4. This worked for me also.



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