If you have our free version of DesktopServer Limited installed and wish to upgrade to our current full version, please follow the instructions below. Upgrading is easy with our new DesktopServer installer.

Update Instructions

  1. Download the ZIP archive for your specific platform (Windows or Macintosh) from ourĀ download page.
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive (double-click on Macintosh/right-click, Extract All… on Windows) and run (double-click) the Install DesktopServer icon.
  3. Select ‘Upgrade DesktopServer’ followed by the Continue button.
After upgrade, you must start DesktopServer at least once to turn on Apache and MySQL services. The title bar of DesktopServer should change from “DesktopServer Limited” to “DesktopServer Premium”.
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  1. jrankin says:


    Ive recently upgraded to the paid version of desktop server from the free version but now everytime I try to export I get ‘program not responding’ message. Please advise how I can recover from this.

    1. Stephen Carroll says:

      Hi Jrankin,
      You may wish to post this in our forum at http://serverpress.com/forum/premium-support/desktopserver-support/ along with your operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, etc.). Also, please make a note of which line in the progress wheel that it appears to fail on, etc. The more information the better, thanks!


  2. kurdi says:

    “Next, move the new DesktopServer and Update folder ”

    What is the update folder? There is no folder entitled ‘update’

    1. Stephen Carroll says:

      It’s inside the zip file. Be sure to download and extract the ‘Update Only’ zip from the downloads page.

  3. thia says:

    DesktopServwp-confier error: unable to wrote to and update C:\…\…\…\…\wp-config.php
    I have repeated the installed the limited edition several times then removed then installed the upgrade all the time the error comes up! what to do?

    1. Stephen Carroll says:

      Hi Thia,
      It sounds like you need support. Please take a moment to post in our forum at http://serverpress.com/forums or our contact us page at http://serverpress.com/contact-us. Please be sure to include your OS platform and version, i.e. Windows 7, or Macintosh 10.8.2, etc.

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