System Status

All ServerPress.com Servers Upgraded – Cluster Now Supports Mixed Configurations (Nginx or Apache)

All ServerPress.com servers have been upgraded to support mixed clusters with new support for Nginx. We’ll now be able to bring Nginx and/or Apache servers into the mix for upcoming 2012 features and services.

Mirror Service to server2.serverpress.com

The mirror server for server2.serverpress.com is going down for maintenance. No users will be affected as this server is only used for backup. FTP maybe slow during rebuild while the mirror server comes back online. ETA 2 hours from this posting.

Timezone Updates Have Been Applied to All Servers

All servers have received timezone updates to ensure proper local time formatting.

SMB Libraries and Security Patches Applied and All Systems Upgraded

SMB libraries and security patches applied. All ServerPress.com servers upgraded and healthy.

All Servers Online and Healthy

Our first system status report. All of our new ServerPress.com servers are online and healthy.

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Email: support@serverpress.com

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