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Using PhpStorm 8 for WordPress Debugging & Development

Note: This article applies to the current version of PhpStorm, version 8. For prior versions, please click here.

It’s been two years since our last visit with PhpStorm. Several items have changed and we’ll cover how to get up and running with the latest version. PhpStorm 8 is a cross-platform, IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that delivers a feature packed, fast, and efficient user interface for debugging and code editing. As a commercial product, you will find the runtime to be fast and what you would expect from a well written native application. While still requiring a Java runtime, PhpStorm feels much faster than eclipse or even the lighter weight Netbeans IDE. Like Netbeans, it works with either DesktopServer Limited or DesktopServer Premium editions. It also provides all the common editing features you would expect to find in a professional IDE: code folding, code completion, debugging with breakpoints and step functions, variable watch lists and inspectors, and multiple disciplines for syntax highlighting (JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc. with an emphasis on PHP). Since WordPress ‘template tags’ are just PHP functions, PhpStorm can make working with WordPress fast and efficient. Now PHPStorm features WordPress specific settings for code styling and an intelligent WordPress API for autocomplete while coding. However, setup is still a challenge as the new version 8 user interface can be misleading and is broken in a key area. But we have a workaround! Don’t let the “nuance” (bug) detour you as PhpStorm is fully functional, albeit in need of a few workarounds. In this post, I will help you simplify the initial setup process of using PhpStorm with DesktopServer to give you a fast and professional IDE for WordPress development. Once acclimated, users will find version 8 debugging quick, robust and more responsive than ever.

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Win Two Tickets to WordCamp San Diego

WordCamp San Diego

We are Attending, Speaking and Sponsoring WordCamp San Diego

You already know we love WordCamps, so of course we are headed to WordCamp San Diego at the end of March. Not only are we proud sponsors, but our own Stephen Carnam will be speaking Saturday during the Beginner Track. His presentation, titled Installing WordPress Remotely and Locally, provides a perfect introduction for anyone starting off in WordPress or current WordPress.com users thinking about making the jump to a self-hosted set up. (And, by the way, the sponsorship window is currently open - so if you’ve been thinking about sponsoring a Spring WordCamp, consider joining us in San Diego.)

On a more personal note, the ServerPress team will be in full force at WordCamp San Diego with Stephen Carnam, Gregg Franklin and Marc Benzakein all attending. As a 100% fully distributed company, this will be the first time we will all be together in 2015. (And what better place to rock a company reunion than a WordCamp?) If you’ve ever thought to yourself, Man I sure wish I could meet the entire ServerPress team, they seem like an awesome company… now is your chance! Please feel free to  stop us when you see us, even if you just want to shake a hand or two.  Who knows, we might even have swag to share with you.

Enter to Win Two Tickets for WordCamp San Diego!

WordCamp San Diego Logo

Tickets went on sale this past Monday, February 2, 2015, and within 6 hours all 280+ tickets were gone! But, don’t worry – we got your back!! (Well, at least two of you!) We are going to give them away on a drawing Saturday, February 28th.

Want to enter? Just follow these directions:

  • Between February 16th and February 27th, share some ServerPress Love on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Be sure to tag us correctly (Twitter: @desktopserver, Facebook: @ServerPress) and include the dedicated hashtag #I<3ServerPress with your message(s). 
  • You can also enter when you Help Us Name Our Newsletter
  • You will be automatically entered into a drawing for both tickets via any of the above actions.
  • You can enter as many times as you want – each original tweet or Facebook post will equate to 1 entry.
  • We will draw and announce the lucky winner on Saturday, February 28th.

Aloha, WordCamp Maui!

WordCamp Maui

Our own Gregg Franklin will be on those beautiful Hawaii shores representing ServerPress at Maui’s first ever WordCamp in just a few weeks!

As part of the Friday Focus Tracks, Gregg is leading a morning WordPress workshop to help new users understand WordPress. His workshop will include everything from initial setup to publishing posts, adding categories, tagging content and much more! Gregg will be around all day Saturday so feel free to introduce yourself! We love meeting our ServerPress Community at WordCamps.

ServerPress is also a proud sponsor of WordCamp Maui. When the opportunity to sponsor a WordCamp in Hawaii became a reality, thanks to the organizing team, we didn’t hesitate to throw our support behind it. WordCamps are often a vacation for many people in our industry and we hope WordCamp Maui becomes an annual event!

If you haven’t bought your ticket for WordCamp Maui, you’ll have to keep your eyes and ears peeled on the Twitterverse because they officially Sold Out! yesterday! If we hear of any available tickets, via Twitter, we’ll be sure to retweet that information.


Here Comes 2015 and BTW, Where’s DesktopServer 4.0?

Software That Just Works

Some of the greatest advantages of being a small, agile company is the ability to do things the right way & chart our own course while doing so. From the beginning, the ServerPress team has been committed to utilizing best practices in open source development to create one of the strongest products on the market! In 2011, DesktopServer went from a concept to a successful reality.

Software that just works is the driving motivation behind everything we do at ServerPress. But as much as we can forecast a development timeline, things outside of our control can affect that plan. The most important thing, for us, is that our current customers can just use the software. If our commitment here causes a bit of a delay in our forecasted goals, well, that’s the silver lining of being nimble: our ability to remain focused on our objective instead of hard delivery deadlines. So, when needed, we identified issues, fixed problems, tested the fixes, and pushed those updates. Between November 2013 and October 2014 that amounted to five major updates to version 3.0! But it also amounted to pushing out our timeline for the 4.0 release.

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Tips & Tricks: Backup and Restore DesktopServer

Backing up your live website regularly is vital. Backing up your local sites is too. DekstopServer can be a go to backup if your site were to get hacked or become dysfunctional and you needed to restore it quickly. Because you have a copy of the site locally you can deploy it quickly. Read more »

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In Case You Haven’t Heard. . . We LOVE WordCamps!

October was another busy month of travel. This month has been a busy time for WordPress conferences. PodsCamp, Prestige Conference, WordCamp Dallas / Fort Worth, WordCamp Ann Arbor and WordCamp Tampa. We were involved with three of them. We went to Texas and Michigan. Those of you that found us, it was great seeing you and talking to you! Read more »


DesktopServer v3.6.5 Released

A new version of DesktopServer (version 3.6.5) is now available in our downloads section. While we are working diligently on our next major release of DesktopServer 4.0, version 3.6.X has been updated to provide existing customers with continued support and up-to-date capabilities.

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How to Deploy a DesktopServer Created Website to GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Product

Earlier this year, GoDaddy started offering Managed WordPress Hosting. As with most other Managed Hosting services, there are some additional steps that need to be taken in order to do a successful deploy. This video shows you the steps necessary to successfully deploy your site.
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Antivirus Compatibility on Microsoft Windows

DesktopServer for Windows is designed and built exclusively for running on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems. We test DesktopServer for complete functionality and compatibility on Windows systems running approved OEM Microsoft Antivirus solutions such as Microsoft Security Essentials (free at http://microsoft.com/security-essentials) and Microsoft Defender (which is built into all Windows 8.X systems). In most cases, no modifications are necessary to run DesktopServer. However, certain third-party, non-Microsoft antivirus can create compatibility and performance problems by permanently altering or inhibiting your core operating system in an effort to “protect you”. This document will will help you overcome common third-party related issues.
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Tips & Tricks – Customizing wp-config-sample.php for your Blueprint

Making changes to your wp-config every time you create a new site can be a chore.

But wait! Did you know that you can save changes in a Blueprint? That way, you only have to make the changes once, and they’ll be the default settings every time you create a new site using that Blueprint!

(First, if you don’t already know how easy it is to create DesktopServer Blueprints, check out our super-simple tutorial!)

Here are some really cool things you can do to increase productivity with wp-config! Unless otherwise specified, add these changes to wp-config-sample.php, which DesktopServer will use as a template to create the wp-config file when you create a new site with your Blueprint.

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