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Unsupported Goods and Services

From time to time we run into a service or product that, despite all of our efforts, just does not play well with DesktopServer. Because our goal is to provide all of our Members with top-notch service, we have to make the hard decision to no longer support these products because they take up so much time with Support that we cannot service other customers.

These products will be listed here and as the list is constantly changing, we highly recommend you check back often.

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New DesktopServer Version 3.6.2 Released

A new version of DesktopServer (version 3.6.2) is now available. While we are actively working on our next major release of version 4.0, we have decided to push out a small update that takes care of a few issues with previous versions of DesktopServer.

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1st Annual WordCamp Dayton, OH

Last month, I was lucky enough to attend and speak at the first annual WordCamp Dayton, Ohio. It was a two-day event with workshops on Friday and sessions on Saturday. Dustin Filippini of 10up joined me for the 6’ish hour drive and arrived in Dayton at about 3:00 in the morning (Ohio is on East Coast Time). Read more »

Announcing Office Hours

Here at ServerPress, LLC, we are constantly looking for ways to provide better service to our customers and the community. To that end, we are happy to announce a new weekly Google Hangout where we will take your calls and try to help you out. Every Wednesday, starting May 7 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (CST), you’ll have an opportunity to hop on via Google Hangout and ask us questions. These sessions will then be made available on our YouTube channel for future reference. We hope that you’ll find this a useful way to work through any issues you may have as well as learn new tips, tweaks and tricks with DesktopServer of which you may not be aware.

If you would like to be notified or reminded of our Office Hours, please be sure to visit our Google Plus site and add us to your circles. We will be sending out an email link before it starts! Hope to see you there so we can answer your questions!

Upcoming WordCamps

ServerPress, LLC is so proud and happy to be a part of the WordPress Community and we try to sponsor, speak and attend as many as we can throughout the year. This year,  we plan to attend several and we hope you’ll come find us! Here is a list of WordCamps we’re planning to attend in 2014 (subject to change and additions):

Minneapolis: April 26 – 27 (Speaker/Sponsor)
Austin: April 26 – 27 (Sponsor/Attendee)
North Canton: May 2 – 3 (TBD)
Miami: May 10 – 11 (Sponsor/Attendee)
Kansas City: June 7 – 8 (TBD)
Orange County: June 7 – 8 (Sponsor/TBD)
Chicago: June 13 – 15 (Sponsor/TBD)
Seattle: June 28 – 29 (TBD)
Milwaukee: July 25 – 27 (Sponsor/Speaker)
San Francisco: October 25 – 26 (TBD)

More coming, so check back regularly!

April 2014 Tips & Tricks

This month, for our tips and tricks section, I thought I would just link to our latest videos created on our YouTube Channel since we have made a few since our last mailing. We highly recommend you subscribe to our channel as we are constantly adding new content and with v4.0 on the horizon, we’ll be updating often!

How to Create Blueprints Using DesktopServer Premium
How to Use DesktopServer and its Quick Deploy Feature
How to Resolve DesktopServer Installation Conflict with Port 80 on Windows Systems
How to Import WP Engine Site to Local Site Using DesktopServer
Head to Head Comparison of WAMP vs DesktopServer in a Speed Test

Have a tip or trick to share with DesktopServer? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you! We might even share it in the next newsletter!

How to Use Blueprints for Quick & Consistent WordPress Development

Did you know that you can place plugins and theme frameworks that you frequently use inside DesktopServer’s xampp\blueprints folder? This can help you accelerate the common website configurations you usually create as well as try out different versions of WordPress. One of our goals is to help get users an opportunity to try out beta versions of WordPress to facilitate bug squashing and contribute to the Open Source software community.

In this video, we will show you how to create a blueprint from scratch and set it up so that it’s preconfigured with themes and plugins that you might use on a regular basis.

For those that would rather have step-by-step directions, here you go:

  • Create a local WordPress Website
  • Finish the installation by opening a browser and going to your newly created .dev site
  • In the Dashboard, configure your site with any frameworks, themes and plugins that you might have
  • If you are using anything that requires a license key (that does not use an API), go into that plugin and enter the key, then save
  • In DesktopServer, export that local site to a .zip file
  • Place that zip file in your Blueprints directory (Mac is \\applications\XAMPP\Blueprints and Windows is c:\xampplite\blueprints)
  • Restart DesktopServer if necessary

Next time you go to create a site, you’ll find that your newly created archive is now a blueprint and it’s ready for local deployment!

Using Quick Deploy On a Live Server

This article covers the original deployment method known as “Quick Deploy”. A new deployment method has been released called “DirectDeploy” that does not require an FTP client and can simplify most deployments. Click here for more information about the newest “DirectDeploy” feature.

Quick Deploy can make deploying your development website to a live server extremely easy. In this post, I’ll show you how to use Quick Deploy and the steps to get your site working on a compatible live server quickly.

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Resolving the Port 80 Conflict on Windows Systems Running Skype

On occasion, when you go to install DesktopServer on a Windows-based PC, you might run into an error telling you that another service is running on Port 80. In order for any local development environment to work, this port is needed and should anything be utilizing this port, your local web service will not work.

Many times, this issue is caused by Skype taking over control of Port 80 in order to make it accessible to people behind corporate firewalls. In this short video, we will demonstrate how to turn off this functionality within Skype and resolve the Port 80 conflict error.

Also, it sometimes happens that once you have upgraded your Skype, you will find that your locally installed websites only display a white screen. This is also caused by your port 80 conflict. An easy way to tell if your white screen is caused by a port 80 conflict is if you also get a white screen when you click on the “Sites” button on the main menu of DesktopServer.

For those that simply wish to follow written instructions, we have provided them below the video.

  1. Open Skype if it has not already been launched
  2. Go to Tools –> Options from the dropdown menu
  3. Select “Advanced” in the left-hand column, last option
  4. Select “Connection”
  5. Deselect the option that says, “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”
  6. Click Save
  7. Exit and then restart Skype
  8. That’s it! You should now be able to complete your installation of DesktopServer
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Here Comes WordPress 3.8

Just when you got all your sites upgraded to 3.7.1, there’s talk about the release of 3.8. So goes the evolution of WordPress. With 3.8 just around the corner we thought it might be helpful to talk about how you can test out some of the possible features that are coming on a local developed website.

Currently, there are four proposed plugins in the feedback stage: DASH, MP6, Omnisearch and THX38.
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