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    Have your headlights focused on WordPress? Stop waiting on slow network connections or DNS propagation. Try out our DesktopServer application and take your localhost development to the next level.

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    Use DesktopServer to safely explore,
    test, and manage multiple projects.

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    Advance your WordPress development with professional tools and how-to guides. Check out the latest articles for boosting your WordPress skills and expertise. Manage numerous projects, take on enterprise level accounts with Multisite, or learn how to enhance visitor experience with integrated bbPress forums.

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    Get quality support for your WordPress related needs. Public forums offer free support to your answers and questions. Premium users get exclusive priority from WordPress professionals.

Create Dozens of Servers Faster Than You Can Think Up a Domain Name

Just type a fictitious domain name (e.g. http://example.dev) and click create. Making development servers for your WordPress projects has never been easier. Design, develop and deploy complete, fully configured solutions right on your desktop. DesktopServer makes working with multiple virtual isolated servers simple. Eliminate costly delays from waiting on network connections and stop paying extra hosting fees for a slow development server. No waiting for your system administrator or delays for DNS propagation. Now you can test, design, and develop all your web projects at full throttle; even without an Internet connection. Copy and share websites between workstations or in workgroups just as easily as you would with an Excel file on a thumb drive. Work offline and deploy fast with quick deploy features. Read more about DesktopServer or give it a test spin for free.

Public and Premium Support Forums

Our community forums offer free and premium support. Premium members get access to a WordPress Professional for fast answers to your questions.

How-To Guides for Greater Possibilities

Read our free how-to guides and tutorials to get a creative edge on WordPress design and development. Learn techniques to take on enterprise level projects for greater possibilities.

Hi! I’m Stephen, creator of ServerPress.com. Welcome to my site.

I created ServerPress.com as a place to share professional solutions using WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress for design and development. I believe that WordPress has a bright future as the de facto standard for delivering the newest Web 3.0 paradigms and that business professionals using WordPress will be in the highest demand. WordPress as a website solution platform is proven by possessing over 40% of CMS distribution.

I’m obsessed with open source technologies and very big on defending user rights in the digital world. I have no desire to sell email lists. So don’t be afraid to use your professional email address. Join us by registering for free. Please take a moment to learn more about how ServerPress.com can help you streamline your WordPress based development needs.

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